Jean-François Lamarche

Associate Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, Brock University

Office: 443 Plaza 2006            Phone: 905-688-5550 x.3328        Email: jfl [at] brocku [dot] ca

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Resources for Economists

Canadian Economics Association
University Affairs, Canada (AUCC)
Jobs Opening for Economists, Worldwide (JOE)
Resources for Economists on the Internet
World Wide Web Resources in Economics
Economics Journals
Back Issues of Journals on JSTOR
Top Economists and Economics Department in the US



Bank of Canada
CANSIM II: Economic Database for Canada (permission must be granted)


US Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)
The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Database (FRED)
Economagic: US Economic Time Series Page
Indicators: US Economic Indicators
EconData: US Regional Economic Data
Yahoo! Finance: Quotes


Penn World Tables 5.6 Macroeconomic data set for 30 subjects on 152 countries (1950-1992)
Economic Growth Resources
Total Economy Database
OECD Factbook
Pacific Exchange Rate Server: Great source for Exchange Rates Data

Data Used In Refereed Papers

Journal of Applied Econometrics Data Archive
Journal of Business and Economic Statistics Data Archive

Computing, BibTex Files and Queen's University Thesis LaTex Style Files



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